Us, the rebellious dancers.

presented by 云云 Yun Collective



The meaning of a decent woman is set by this patriarchic society. For generations, women have been expected to dance in the same choreography; however, underground, many of us fight to break the pattern and to change the design. 

This performative drawing solo is inspired by Chinese calligraphy.

'女', the Chinese word for woman, contains three strokes. It has to be written in the set order, as women are told to perform in certain patterns. 

The performer embodied the writing and transformed it into dancing. Through the repetitive movements, she undergoes a negotiation between the outside world and herself. 



when illustration meets performance, and there's a story to be told 

Yun Collective, a collaboration between Vera Yun Lee and Ruby Yun Er Chang, is an independent company focus on creating culture centred activism performances. These two Taiwanese artists are respectively from Performance and Illustration background. This company celebrates the colliding of two fields and dedicates to explore more possibilities in the collaboration’s therapeutic and activism aspects. 

云 | tell 

沄 | waves


These mandarin words all pronounced ‘Yun’. We create our works to be fluid, gentle but powerful and influential as water can be and also hope to raise the representation of Asian artists in the UK’s live arts scene.


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