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Tax-Free Zone


Inspired by the export processing industry in the 60’s Taiwan. The industry produced the best quality goods to sell overseas, and only overseas. 

This project is a work in progress, experimenting with industrial sounds and making objects (strings in this case) performers.


Sounds of the destruction and the making of textiles are recorded in live, looped mechanically, to make the industry tangible with audio. The performers weave in the space, connected by the fluctuating thread tangled around their bodies, continuously negotiating for chances to move, to turn, to untangle. 

This performance/ performative installation is inspired by the textile processing industry in the 60s in Taiwan. It investigates the conflicting and mazing situation of a diaspora artist. 

People of my generation inherited the fate of those products in tax-free zones. Taiwan has gradually become a factory where education organisations process young people, making them suitable for higher education overseas, much similar to mass-producing.